How Do I Install Base Molding?


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Install base moldings by nailing them onto the studs in the wall or gluing them onto the wall. Installation requires baseboard moldings, a miter saw, glue or nails, a pencil and a hammer. You may also need a furniture finishing stick to cover any marks left by the nails. For the purposes of this guide, the floor of the room is assumed to be leveled.

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  1. Locate the studs and mark their position on the wall

    The studs are usually positioned either 16 or 24 inches on center. Once you locate the studs, mark their position on the wall using a pencil.

  2. Set up the baseboard pieces

    Set the baseboard pieces in place. Aim to keep the sections as long as possible. If you need to use small pieces, cut the molding at an angle of 45 degrees using the miter saw.

  3. Nail or glue the baseboard pieces

    Start at the inside corner and use the studs as the nailing point. Nail the baseboard onto the wall. The baseboard may also be glued instead of nailed. Keep tacking or gluing the baseboards until they are all in place and all the walls are done.

  4. Cover the marks

    Cover any marks left by the nails with a furniture finishing stick. This gives your molding a neat, finished look.

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