How Do You Install Base Cabinets?

How Do You Install Base Cabinets?

To install base cabinets, mark the height of the base cabinets along the wall, position the first cabinet section, add shims, and adjust the height, if necessary. Position a second cabinet, add additional shims, and screw them to the first one.

  1. Mark the height and location of the base cabinets

    In several spots along the wall, measure and mark the height of the base cabinets. From the highest mark, draw a level line along the length of the wall. For standard 36-inch cabinets, the line is 34 1/2 inches from the floor. Above this line, note the locations of the studs. Finally, draw vertical lines to mark the location of each cabinet section.

  2. Position the first cabinet

    Start with a corner cabinet, and put it into position. If the top of the cabinet is not aligned with the mark on the wall, add shims to adjust the height of the cabinet. At the stud locations, place shims between the cabinet and the wall. Using 2 1/2-inch anchor screws, attach the base cabinet to the studs.

  3. Add another cabinet

    Place the second cabinet unit next to the first. Adjust the height with the shims, and position shims between the wall and cabinet. Clamp the two cabinets together, and screw the second cabinet to the wall and to the first cabinet. Continue to attach additional cabinet units in the same manner.