How Do You Install a Bamboo-Reed Fence?

How Do You Install a Bamboo-Reed Fence?

Install a bamboo-reed fence by attaching it securely to a chain-link fence with wire ties. Installation requires a tape measure, bamboo-reed fencing, wire ties, at least two people and an existing chain-length fence. The amount of time needed for installation varies, depending upon the length of the fence.

  1. Measure the chain-link fence

    Use a tape measure to find the length and height of the chain-link fence. This measurement determines the amount of bamboo-reed fencing needed for the project.

  2. Purchase the bamboo-reed fencing

    Use the length measurement obtained from the chain-link fence to purchase enough rolls of bamboo-reed fencing to cover the desired area. The bamboo fence comes in 4 or 6 foot heights. Refer to the measurement of the height of the chain-link fence to determine the needed height for full coverage.

  3. Inspect the bamboo-reed fence for damage

    After unloading the bamboo-reed fencing, unroll it. Inspect the fencing for missing or damaged reeds. Roll the fencing back up until you are ready to continue with the installation, or return the roll to the store to exchange it for a new one if it is damaged.

  4. Wire the bamboo-reed fencing to the chain-link fence

    Enlist the help of a friend. One person should unroll the fence to approximately 6 feet while the other person holds it in place against the chain-link fence. Twist wire ties around the reeds and the chain-links along the top, middle and bottom of the fence. Overlap the end of the first roll with the next roll, and continue wiring until the full length is complete.