How Do You Install a Ballast?


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To install a fluorescent ballast safely, some basic knowledge of wiring is needed. Standard Productions explains that the correct replacement ballast needs to be sourced and the power to the light must be turned off before the beginning of the installation process.

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Begin by removing the cover to the ballast. The position of the ballast depends on the make and model of the light. Standard Productions states that the position of the ballast and the position and color of each of the wires should be recorded carefully.

Once the wires and their positions are noted, cut them close to the ballast and remove them. Mount the new ballast in the same position, ensuring that the wires remain in the same places as they did with the previous fitting. Carefully strip around 1/4 inch of the wire insulation to allow wires to be reattached. Attach the wires correctly, ensuring the colors match, then cap them with wire nuts.

Ensure there are no exposed wires and that each is securely capped. Electrical tape can be used in addition to the wire nuts for additional safety. The wires should then be tucked away, and the cover replaced, prior to the unit being tested.

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