How Do You Install Bali Blinds?

Bali blinds feature many different options such as woven wood, fabric, vertical, horizontal and cellular, each requiring variances in installation; however, the basic installation for most blinds includes installing the window treatment and window valance on the included mounting brackets. Depending on optional features, the installation instructions and included parts may vary. has step-by-step installation instructions for each type of blind on the company's official website.

Below are the basic installation instructions for Bali blinds.

  1. Gather the tools and instructions
  2. Using the following steps, instructions included with the blinds or online instructions, gather the tools that may be required for installation. A screwdriver, drill, level and measuring tape are needed.

  3. Install the brackets
  4. Regardless of inside or outside mounting, the mounting brackets are installed first. Measure and level them before screwing in the brackets. A drill may be needed for pre-drilling depending on the window casing.

  5. Install the blinds
  6. Attach the blinds onto the mounting bracket. If there is a valance included, it simply snaps into place after the blind is installed.

Customers can visit for specific specifications of each blind. Access to PDF instructions and how-to videos are available on the website as of 2015. From the home page, hover over the Helpful Tools option and select Installation from the drop-down menu.