How Do You Install Backplates for Cabinet Pulls?


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To install back plates for cabinet pulls, unscrew the existing knobs or handles, insert the back plates and screw the knobs or handles back in. To install back plates for new cabinet pulls, mark out the placement of the new pulls or knobs using a jig, drill holes, slide the back plates into the pull screws and screw in the pulls.

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Back plates are available for both handles and knobs. They can disguise wear and tear around pulls, which is much easier than refinishing the cabinet. To install backplates, run through the following steps.

  1. Choose back plates
  2. Choose back plates that match the style and size of the pulls. Back plates are available online and in brick-and-mortar hardware stores.

  3. Remove the pulls
  4. Unscrew the existing pulls from the cabinet. To add new hardware, move on to the next step. To keep using the same cabinet hardware, skip the next step.

  5. Mark and drill the new pull holes
  6. Use a jig to measure out the holes for the new pulls. Mark out the new holes with a pencil, and then use a drill to make holes in the cabinet. Add the screws for the pulls.

  7. Insert the back plates
  8. Place the back plates into the screws for the pulls.

  9. Add the pulls
  10. Screw the old pulls back into the screws or add the new pulls to the cabinet.

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