How Do You Install a Backflow Preventer?

How Do You Install a Backflow Preventer?

To install a backflow preventer, it may first be necessary to obtain a plumbing permit and follow city code requirements, according to AMWUA. Afterwards, it is possible to perform a DIY installation.

To install a backflow preventer, take the following steps, according to Do It Yourself.

  1. Check building codes
  2. Be sure of the correct depth to dig, as pipe depth limits can be affected by local variations such as winter temperature.

  3. Dig to the water pipe
  4. Dig by the water main to locate the copper pipe which runs to the meter box and splits into smaller pipes.

  5. Install the backflow preventer
  6. Depending on the model of backflow preventer, either drop the preventer's threaded T device into the pipe and connect it to the pressure valve adapter near the meter or cut a small piece of the line and install the preventer's compression fitting around the cut. This will stop water flowing backwards in the pipe.