How Do You Install Awnings?

How Do You Install Awnings?

Install an awning using a kit along with a power drill, bits, tape measure, level, socket and ratchet set, caulk, mounting hardware and ladder. Wear safety gear such as glasses, gloves and ear plugs when using the power drill.

An awning may come in a kit with the mounting hardware, metal support bars and fabric already included. This shade cover can be installed within a couple of hours. Use the steps below to install the kit.

  1. Measure and mark
  2. Use the tape measure and level to mark the desired height and location of the awning on the side of the building. Ideally, this awning should bolt into a solid part of the wall such as brick. If the house has wood siding, use anchor bolts to secure the awning later.

  3. Attach the mounting bar or brackets to the house
  4. Pre-drill holes in the wall that match the location of any pre-drilled holes in a mounting bar, if there is one in the kit. Otherwise, drill holes for the placement of the mounting brackets. Secure the brackets or mounting bar in place with the provided mounting bolts. Place a line of caulk around the open edges of the mounting bar to keep insects out, if it is open. Snap the awning bar into place in the mounting brackets if using this hardware type.

  5. Connect the structure together
  6. Attach the awning support arms to the mounts that should already be in place on the mounting bar. Attach the canopy rafters to the front trim fabric, and then attach the canopy rafters to the top trim fabric. Attach a center canopy rafter, if available, to both the front and top trim.

  7. Install the awning
  8. Hang the awning structure with the top trim on the mounting bar and attach the support arms to the wall using two brackets.