How Do You Install an Attic Fan?

How Do You Install an Attic Fan?

To install an attic fan, cut out a hole for the fan in the roof, install the fan in the hole, install the regulator nearby, and attach the wires as instructed by the manufacturer. Seal nail holes and put shingles as close as possible to the fan to prevent leakage.

  1. Turn off the power

    Locate the switch in the breaker box that controls the power to the attic, and turn it off.

  2. Mark the fan location

    Measure the diameter of the fan. Use a pencil to draw a circle with the same diameter as the fan to mark the location.

  3. Cut out a hole for the fan

    Drill a pilot hole along the pencil line. Cut along the pencil line with a reciprocating saw to make a cut-out in the wall.

  4. Install the fan

    Secure the fan in the hole, and slide the edges of the housing under the shingles. Cut shingles as needed but set them aside for later.

  5. Secure the fan

    Seal the edges around the fan with roofing mastic, and install nails in the corner holes. Seal the nails with tar. Reinstall any shingles you cut.

  6. Install the fan regulator

    Attach the fan regulator to a stud located near the fan. Install a cable clamp, and run the cord through the clamp. Connect the wires to the fan and set the temperature as directed by the manufacturer.