How Do You Install Armstrong Sheet Flooring?


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To install vinyl flooring, remove the furnishings, appliances and doors from the room, and remove the toilet if installing the flooring in a bathroom. Remove the trim moulding around the perimeter of the floor, and remove the existing flooring, or install plywood over the existing floor. If necessary, install an underlayment. Lay the vinyl flooring out, cut it to fit, and secure it with a recommended adhesive.

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Before installing the flooring, allow it to acclimate to the home's environment for 24 hours. When cutting the flooring to fit, measure the room, and cut the flooring 3 inches longer than the measurements on each side. Use a razor knife to cut off the excess vinyl after setting it in place.

When flooring larger rooms, create seams by overlapping the pieces by 6 inches on each side. Allow 1/8 inch of space between the flooring and the wall.

To secure the vinyl to the floor, apply the adhesive to the floor, wait for the recommended amount of time, and press the flooring down onto the adhesive. Go over the flooring with a floor roller, and clean and seal the seams. Do not fold or crease the flooring, and avoid washing or cleaning the flooring for several days to ensure the adhesive sets properly.

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