How Do You Install an Arctic King Air Conditioner?


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To install an Arctic King air conditioner, attach the top rail and the side panels to the machine. Place the machine in a standard, double hung window of a sufficient size and use the screws and locks to secure it. Exact installation instructions may vary based on the model.

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Attach the top rail by lining up the rail's holes with the holes in the top of the air conditioner, using screws to secure it. Identify the left and right filler panels. Pull back the accordion panel for one of the side panels, and insert the open end into the machine. Adjust it as necessary to ensure it fits properly, then slide it in all the way. Repeat this procedure with the other side panel.

Place the air conditioner in the window with the bottom of the frame on the window sill, then close the window behind the top rail. Pull the side panels out to fill the window frame, then screw the frame locks into the side panels. Also, use screws through the frame holes going into the window sash. Use a screw with the right angle sash lock to keep the lower sash in the correct position. Finish by placing foam seal between the upper and lower sashes.

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