How Do You Install an Antique Wood Stove?


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Before you install an antique wood stove, find a safe place to put it. The National Fire Protection Association recommends a location at least 3 feet away from combustible walls and objects and at least 2 1/2 feet from non-combustible walls.

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Consider installing a heat shield before setting up the stove, and ensure you have a chimney that meets safety guidelines. The floor around the stove should be made of non-combustible materials, such as bricks or stone. Prepare the floor space accordingly by installing protective materials. Cement or masonry blocks are common choices for protecting floors. Cover the protective material with a marble, stone or brick finish to make the stove area more attractive.

Next, prepare the walls around the stove area. Cover the walls nearest the stove with mineral fiber, sheet metal or masonry. Finish the walls to your taste with non-combustible decorative materials such as marble or brick. Fit and seal the register plate into the fireplace aperture and move the stove into place.

If your flue is unlined, use a galvanized steel closure plate and ensure the hole fits the stove pipe. If your flue has a liner, fit the liner in place first, then install the register plate. The stove pipe should have an access hole so that you can clean it when necessary. Apply fire cement to seal seams in the stove pipe and seams between the pipe and the register plate. This protects your home and helps ensure the stove is working efficiently.

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