How Do You Install Anderson French Door Screens?

How Do You Install Anderson French Door Screens?

Installing an Anderson French door screen requires 20 separate steps including sealing, attaching hinges, hanging the doors, making adjustments and attaching other parts. Instruction manuals are included in the kit and are also available at Anderson's website.

To begin, a homeowner applies the bug seal strips to the door jambs, determines how far the doors are going to swing outward, and adheres the top hinge leaves to the door frame and screen. Next, he hangs the door from the top hinges and attaches the bottom hinges to the door frame.

At this point the installer goes through several steps of hanging and adjustment, checking the astragal, strike, head clips and astragal bolts. He attaches the sill seal, assembles the latch set and installs several more parts.

Finally the homeowner completes installation by adjusting the closing tightness and closing speed, attaching and adjusting the interior sweep, and applying the cover plates and plugs.

An Anderson French door screen kit comes with all necessary parts to install the doors. Homeowners need to furnish several of their own tools for installation, including a drill and bits, hammer and nail set or punch, Phillips screwdriver, and a utility knife.

Anderson has two hinge options available, an outward hinge or a double hinge. Instructions are the same for both options.