How Do You Install an Andersen Sliding Screen Door?

How Do You Install an Andersen Sliding Screen Door?

To install an Andersen sliding screen door, install the stationary panel and sill. Then, prepare and install the operating panel, notes

To install Andersen sliding doors, follow the steps below.

  1. Install the stationary panel
  2. Insert the top of the stationary panel between the insect screen guide and the parting stop. Set the bottom of the panel into the sill and slide it sideways. Place a wedge to force the stationary panel into the stationary side jamb and keep it in place with a plank of wood. Screw it in place.

  3. Install the sill
  4. Drill holes in the sill and fill them with sealant. Fasten the sill to the rough opening using the screws provided.

  5. Prepare the operating panel
  6. Stand the panel in front of the area where it will be installed. Apply handle hold plugs to the weather strip side. Attach the interlock weather strip to the operating panel by applying a bead of sealant along the vertical and bottom edges. Hold the weather strip firmly in place and drill through it, screwing it in place.

  7. Install the operating panel
  8. Lift the operating panel into place from the inside and position the rollers on top of the sill rib. Tilt it to fit into the panel.