How Do You Install an Aluminum Window?

How Do You Install an Aluminum Window?

Installing an aluminum window is a fairly easy project that requires a few basic tools and includes preparing, leveling and installing the window along with insulating and finishing the trim. Before installation, make certain the window fits into the rough opening. Shims can be added for slight variances to ensure secure parts during the installation.

In order to install an aluminum window, use the following steps.

  1. Gather the required materials and tools
  2. Have the following on hand before beginning the project: aluminum window, drill, hammer, scraper, level, galvanized screws or nails, insulation, caulking, shims, trim and finishing nails.

  3. Install the window
  4. Before installation, check to see that the window fits into the window opening. Set the window into the center of the opening, placing a bead of caulk around the window's perimeter. Temporarily secure the window with nails that are driven in halfway in order to keep the window upright. Using a level and shims, install the shims to adjust for any variance. The shims should be installed near the corners to level the window both horizontally and vertically. Once the window is perfectly level, secure with the galvanized nails into the pre-drilled holes of the window frame and remove the temporary nails.

  5. Finish with insulation and trim
  6. Place insulation into any cracks around the window frame. Cut the trim pieces to size and install with finishing nails.