How Do You Install Aluminum Soffit Panels?


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To install aluminum soffit panels, make sure the roof is in good condition before beginning, and then calculate the quantity of soffit surface panels needed. After this, determine whether you need a drip edge or not. Prepare the soffit by pulling off the old gutters and soffit pieces.

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If the existing fascia boards are not stable enough to hold new fascia nails, they must also be replaced. Once the area where the soffit and fascia panels are to be installed is exposed, nail the J-channel in place before installing the new soffit panels. After the new soffit panels are in place, install the fascia and the drip edge. Completing the process in this order saves time and energy, as does completing one overhang at a time as opposed to completing each individual step on the entire building one at a time.

When nailing fascia board, be aware that hammer dents and bent nails become highly visible when work is completed. Be careful when installing fascia board, and begin the process at the center of each length of fascia board for the best results. If the structure is older, it may feature exposed rafter tails or enclosed soffit. If this is the case, angle the aluminum soffit panel to follow the slope of the roof.

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