How Do You Install Aluminum Handrails?


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To install aluminum handrails, first determine the handrail's location. This location could simply be a bar rail against a standing wall, or it could include installing a full rail in a place without pre-existing support. When attaching a bar, make sure it is a convenient height for all users and the bar's incline is even. To install a full rail, plan for it to sit flush against the edge of the deck.

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To install a bar rail against a wall, mark the locations for the support brackets according to the pre-determined height and incline. Use a drill bit that accommodates the thread of rawl plugs to drill into the masonry, and use screws to attach the brackets to said plugs.

Installing the actual handrail is a two-person job. Have a partner hold the rail toward the center while the brackets are being attached. Start by attaching the brackets toward the end of the rail before moving to those in the middle.

To finish the bar rail installation, make sure end pieces are accommodated with covers to help avoid anything being caught on their ends. Any area where there is a break in the handrail -- for example, where the steps meet a small landing and then continue upward to another set of stairs -- should have a corner brace in place to ensure the rail's integrity.

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