How Do You Install an Aluminum Door?

How Do You Install an Aluminum Door?

After properly preparing the threshold, push the bottom of the door into position, tilt the top of the aluminum door into place, and secure the door to the hinge jamb of the doorway using the appropriate hardware. Specific instructions vary depending on the type of aluminum door you have and whether or not you are installing a door in new construction or replacing an existing door.

Preparation is key when installing a new door, as the framework for the door must be constructed with the proper gaps and corresponding components, including the proper location of door jambs and stops. Use shims to level any unevenness in the rough opening. Add shims to door jambs to allow a 1/8-inch gap between the doorway and the outside frame of the door.

Test the door to make sure there are adequate gaps for the door to freely swing. If so, you can begin the installation process.

If replacing a door, remove the old door and ensure the threshold is level before installing the new door.

After positioning the door in place, make sure there is a 1/8-inch gap between the door and the latching jamb. In many cases, door installation requires adequate shimming during the process, but specific instructions on this depend on the type of door being installed. Secure the door at the hinges to the door jamb. Make sure the door swings freely before installing foam insulation at the appropriate gaps. Attach any latching hardware.