How Do You Install an Air-O-Swiss Hydro Stick?


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To install a Air-O-Swiss Hydro Stick, first shut off power to the air washer or humidifier to prevent accidental electric shock. Remove the water tank from the base, and position the base so that the control panel faces you. Place the Hydro Stick in the holder that is located in front of the circular nebulizer space. The long edge of the stick should be closest to the nebulizer, while the shorter edge faces the control panel and membrane.

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In some models of humidifier or air washer, you do not need to use the Hydro Stick's clips to hold it in place; in these models, the stick simply rests in the base. After installing the Hydro Stick, fill the water tank with clean cold water and attach it to the base. Position the unit on a level surface and plug it in to operate it.

Hydro sticks should be changed once a year to ensure the air washer or humidifier operates optimally. The sticks begin to work as soon as they touch the water, so use the Lifestyle Indicator stamp to note the installation date. That way, you can schedule the correct installation date for a replacement stick.

As of 2016, the manufacturer no longer produces Air-O-Swiss Hydro Sticks because they are not as efficient as the company's replacement Hydro Cell product. To install the Hydro Cell 2 packs, rinse them under running water for 30 seconds, and then directly insert them into the water tank. The Hydro Cell operates by using an activated carbon technology system to keep the water in the unit clean. Hydro Cell 2 packs need to be replaced every couple of months, in contrast to the Hydro Stick's yearly recommended replacement.

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