How Do You Install Air Conditioner Screens?

How Do You Install Air Conditioner Screens?

To install an air conditioner screen, first measure the air conditioner condenser unit that needs screening, and then pick up a filter screen that matches its dimensions. Place the screen accurately around the unit.

Thoroughly clean the air conditioner unit before installing the screen. Wrap the outside of the unit's air intake fins with the filter screen.

Take the strings out of the air conditions screen kit. Hook the top string directly through the media, attach the middle cord, and then attach the bottom cord to ensure the screen is placed securely.

Fold the excess portion of the screen under the edges, and adjust the hooks for a compact fit. The screen prevents clogged coils by keeping out debris such as leaves and dust. It also helps maintain the efficiency of the air conditioner system. Regularly rinse the air filter with a garden hose.

To hide the air conditioner screen or add a decorative look to the backyard, fence in the screened condenser unit. Make sure there is 3 feet of open space on each side of the air conditioner to allow for proper air circulation. Measure and mark the position of the fence corner posts before installing the fence, and leave one side of the air conditioner unfenced.