How Do You Install Acrylic Wall Panels?

To install acrylic wall panels, first choose the appropriate size and style of panel for the particular wall, using a cardboard template to ensure accuracy, and then cut holes for any fixtures that need to pop through the panel. Once the panels are ready, either glue the panels to the existing drywall or directly to the wall studs.

While acrylic wall panels come in a variety of styles and sizes, they do not come immediately ready for installation for certain applications. For instance, homeowners who wish to install acrylic wall panels to a shower wall must drill holes for shower valves, shower heads, and any other plumbing fixtures or pipes that need to be exposed. Use a cardboard template to determine the amount of space necessary for each fixture, and then cut these holes into the wall panels before gluing them into place.

If the structure has no wallboard or has poor-quality wallboard direct-to-stud installation is recommended. To do this, remove wallboard until the wall studs are exposed and apply adhesive directly to the studs before pressing the acrylic sheets into place. Each acrylic wall panel sheet has a flange located at the top of the sheet; screw the flange to the wall studs, and then caulk the corners before installing new wallboard.