How Do You Install an Acrylic Shower Base?

How Do You Install an Acrylic Shower Base?

To install an acrylic shower base, measure the area and purchase a base, make a drain hole, prep the floor and secure the base. The measurements are the most important part of the install process, because measuring the base wrong will mean that the studs and drain will likely not line up or be flush, causing leaks.

  1. Measure the area
  2. Measure the space where the shower base will go. Once the base is purchased, dry fit it to make sure the base fits against the studs. Shim any gaps with plywood.

  3. Drain Hole
  4. Make sure the hole for the drain is larger than the pipe that leads from the base. This allows room for the assembling of the drain, which extends to the lower part of the base.

  5. Prep the floor
  6. Prepare the sub-floor for the base install. Make sure it is clean and level. Shims can be used along with a level gauge to bring the shower base level if it is not possible to do so with the sub-floor. Once level, set the base and double check the level readings.

  7. Install
  8. Secure the base to the studs. Once secure, clean the PVC pipe for the drain with alcohol, place a bead of silicone chalk around the opening and attach the drain with PVC cement and primer. Allow the drain to dry for 48 hours before using.