How Do You Install AC Mounting Brackets?


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The process of installing AC mounting brackets consists of selecting brackets study enough to support the weight of the appliance, drilling holes in the windowsill or exterior wall, and then mounting the brackets in place using an appropriate fastener. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding specific information for different appliances and other steps involved in the installation of mounting brackets.

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Installation of the brackets typically is done before mounting the AC unit. Exterior brackets usually are attached to the bottom of the unit with the appropriate fastener and either bolt directly into the windowsill or wall or attach to a pair of angled or hinged supports. Use an assistant when positioning the AC unit to ensure it lines up with the mounting brackets properly. Window mounted units often are designed to tilt slightly towards the exterior to facilitate drainage.

Fasten the unit to the brackets, and lower the window pane to secure it in position. Securing the upper window pane is a common installation step for most appliance models to prevent movement of the unit. Secure the extensions to the window jamb before sealing the unit. Manufactures typically provide interior weather stripping, although caulking the perimeter of the window is often just as effective.

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