How Do You Install an Aboveground Pool?

To install an above-ground pool, obtain the necessary permits, level the ground, and install the bottom rails, uprights. Create a base with cinder blocks and sand, and install the stabilizer rails, top plates, liner and top rails as directed in the pool's instruction manual. Fill the pool with water.

  1. Determine local building regulations

    Determine whether building or other permits are necessary, and pay the required fees associated with obtaining the permits. It is also necessary to follow local building regulations, such as installing a safety fence.

  2. Prepare the installation site

    Remove all sod, rocks and debris from the installation site, and level the ground by removing high points within the site using a shovel. The pool base can be installed when the ground is within an inch of being perfectly level.

  3. Assemble the pool

    Assemble the bottom rails, and install the uprights as directed in the pool's installation manual. Place cinder blocks and sand in the base of the pool by digging level holes for the cinder blocks and pouring sand around the blocks to create a level surface. Tamp the sand down, and install the base plates. Attach the liner, stabilizer rails and top plates as directed, and install the top rail. Fill the pool with water gradually, and smooth the liner out while filling the pool.