How Do You Install an 84-Inch Shower Curtain?

How Do You Install an 84-Inch Shower Curtain?

Hang the rod for an 84-inch shower curtain approximately 3 to 5 inches higher than the curtain extends. This allows the curtain to nearly reach the bathroom floor, but not rest on the floor. It is a matter of preference exactly how high off the floor you want the shower curtain.

  1. Measure the length from the floor upward

    Start from the floor, and use the measuring tape to measure upward. Locate where the distance from the floor reaches between 86 to 89 inches, and make a small mark to indicate the spot where you want to hang the shower rod.

  2. Attach rings to the rod

    Attach the rings on the shower rod. The rings can add anywhere from 1 to 3 inches to the shower curtain. If additional length is needed, use the rings to create links. This means that one ring would be attached to another to extend more toward the floor.

  3. Hang the rod

    Place the shower rod in the location you have marked. Tighten the rod so that it stays in place.

  4. Attach the curtain

    Locate the holes at the top of the shower curtain, and insert the rings through each hole. You also may choose to hang a liner on the inside of the shower curtain.