How Do You Install 3-Wire Dryer Connections?

How Do You Install 3-Wire Dryer Connections?

To wire a three-prong dryer outlet, start by cutting a hole in the wall behind the dryer. Run electrical cable from the site of the outlet to the circuit breaker. Strip 6 inches of insulation from the end of the wire and connect the red and black cables to either side of the socket and the white cable to the bottom. Do the same at the circuit breaker. Finally, attach the outlet and circuit breaker to the wall.

Always switch off the power before starting to add a dryer outlet or undertaking any other electrical project.

When running the wire between the outlet site and the circuit breaker, include 12 inches of additional wire for connecting it, as well as a few inches of slack.

Always use screw terminals rather than push-in terminals because the screws help to hold the wires in place longer.

After connecting the outlet and circuit breaker and attaching them to the wall, turn the power back on and test the new outlet using a multimeter. The outlet should be able to provide both 120V and 240V power depending on the pins you test. If the outlet does not work properly, seek help from a professional electrician.