How Do You Install 220-Volt Electrical Wiring?


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Begin by cutting the main breaker for safety reasons. With the help of a neon tester, make sure that the surrounding cords are safe. Afterward, you should use color codes to join the wires with the same colors.

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How Do You Install 220-Volt Electrical Wiring?
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Installing 220-volt electrical wiring is no easy task, but it is something you can do yourself with the proper knowledge. Your top priority should be safety. Make sure that all your equipment, hands and feet are insulated. There should be no water leakages near the wiring, and the main power switch should be turned off. Most household wirings have three connections, including a live wire, a neutral wire and an earth wire. Each of these three wires should be color coded, and you should connect wires of the same corresponding color only.

Finally, your wire should be connected to a power outlet or a junction box. However, a connection should be added to the junction box only if there is additional capacity available. A junction box may have outlets with different power ratings, so you need to be careful to connect your electrical wiring to the one labeled "220 volts." If the labeling is not available, you need to use a voltmeter to check the power output manually from each outlet before connecting to the appropriate one.

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