How Do You Install a 220-Volt Circuit Breaker?

Install a 220-volt circuit breaker by turning off the electric power, removing the electrical panel cover, and breaking out the tabs for the slots where you are installing the breaker. Connect the two black wires to the two screws of the new circuit breaker, and rock the breaker back and forth to insert it into the panel. Attach the ground wire to the ground bar in the panel, and tighten the screw.

If the new wiring is exposed, code requires installing it in conduit. With new construction, code sometimes allows routing the wiring through the void between the wall surfaces and attic or crawlspace. At the opposite end of the circuit from the breaker is the outlet. Install outlets in square electrical boxes or rectangular switch boxes. Use an appropriate plug for the appliance you are connecting to the new circuit. Connect the wires to the appropriate screws of the outlet, push the excess wire into the box, use the screws to attach the receptacle to the box, and attach the cover to the electrical box.

Install the cover back on the circuit-breaker panel, and turn on the power after installing the new 220-volt outlet. Use a test meter to verify correct installation of the new circuit and that it is ready to power the new circuit.