How Do You Install a 16-Foot Garage Door?


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To install a 16-foot garage door, you need a power drill, a screwdriver tip, a nut driver, lag screws, a ladder and lag screws. Before starting, consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions to ensure a complete and safe installation.

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  1. Seal the garage panel with weather stripping

    Use weather stripping to seal the garage. Next, place the garage panel in the entryway. Use a hammer and nails to secure the garage door. Place the nails on an angle, and connect the hinges to the top part of the door.

  2. Connect all the pieces

    Following the manufacturer’s instructions, put together the various pieces, including the curved, horizontal and vertical tracks. Next, attach the rollers and brackets. Cover the rollers with vertical tracks.

  3. Fasten the hinges

    Connect the hinges from the first section of the door to the second section. To save time, use a power drill. Level the door, and install the third section. Set it in place, and slip the rollers in vertical tracks.

  4. Connect the jamb brackets

    Fasten the jamb brackets to tracks and framing parts. Connect the lag screws to the sound framing. However, do not tighten the lag screws yet. You may need to adjust the tracks.

  5. Position the door

    The last step is to place the garage door in the final location. It is also important to check the door's safety shutoff features.

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