How Do You Install 12 X 12 Ceramic Tile?


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Ceramic tile is considered a permanent floor, and if it is well taken care of it should never need to be redone. Installing ceramic tile is a low maintenance task that requires a leveling compound, a chalk line tool, thin-set powder, a 1/2-inch notched trowel, spacers, a level, grout, a grout float and a sponge. After measuring and levelling the area carefully, install the tiles in a regular pattern and set in place using grout./

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  1. Measure the area

    Measure the area for the tiles. Decide the amount of tiles needed.

  2. Level the subfloor

    Sand uneven areas of the floor, and hammer in raised nails. Use filler to fill in grooves and joints. Use a leveling compound to even out dips. Clean the area.

  3. Determine the center of the room

    Use a chalk line to create a mark from one side of the room to the other. Create a second chalk line perpendicular to the first. The center of the room is where the lines intersect.

  4. Install the tiles

    Lay rows of tiles along the lines, going toward the walls. Mix thin-set powder with water and spread it on the floor using a 1/2-inch notched trowel, and then smooth the thin-set paste. Set the tile into the mortar, and tap with a mallet. Set the second tile, and install spacers between the two. Use a lever to check that the tiles are even. Continue the process until all the tiles are laid. Cut tiles to lay around the room if needed. Remove the spacers when the tiles are set.

  5. Apply grout

    Mix the grout, and spread between the tiles with a grout float. Apply until the grout is even with the tiles. Use a sponge to wipe off excess grout. Let set overnight, and do not walk on the floor for 72 hours.

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