How Is an InSinkErator Hot Water Tank Installed?

How Is an InSinkErator Hot Water Tank Installed?

An InSinkErator hot water tank is mounted under the sink in a spot that is within 16 inches of the faucet water lines and 30 inches of a standard grounded electrical outlet. The tank is secured to the wall with two wood screws.

The tank must be mounted vertically in close proximity to the water lines and an electrical outlet. If needed, leave room for drainage below the tank. While holding the tank in place, mark the location of the mounting screws with a pencil. Pre-drill 1/8-inch holes, and then secure the tank to the wall with two wood screws.

Attach the snap-connect fitting on the end of the blue tube to the plastic fitting on the left side of the tank. The flexible white tube slides over the middle fitting, and the clear tube slides over the right fitting. Make sure the tubes are free of any kinks.

The plumbing connections to the tank can now be made, but steps of this process vary based on the other components in the InSinkErator hot water dispensing system. During this step, copper or plastic tubing is cut to fit between the hot water tank and either a filtration unit or the water supply lines. Allow for some extra length in the tubing, and avoid any sharp bends.

Once the tank is connected to the water supply, turn on the sink to fill the tank with cold water, and check to make sure everything is watertight. Now, the hot water tank is ready to be plugged in.