What Insects Eat Bed Bugs?

Centipedes and fire ants eat bedbugs. These insects are not an effective bed bug treatment method because they are predators on their own and can be harmful to individuals living in the home.

Centipedes are commonly found in homes that are within wooded areas and are in homes that are around fields. They will not flock to a home because of a bed bug infestation, but will eat the bugs if they are present. Centipedes can painfully sting humans when they are provoked. Fire ants are also somewhat dangerous insects, but can be more of an alert to a bed bug infestation. They will come to homes that have bed bugs and will stay there, and a fire ant sting can be more painful than the bite of a bed bug.

While these bugs may seem like a good idea for people who can overlook the fact that they are nearly as bad as bed bugs, it would be almost impossible for people to get the number of insects needed to beat a bed bug infestation, especially because it is difficult to order centipedes or fire ants online. The best way to treat an area that has a bed bug infestation is to have it inspected and thoroughly fumigated by a trained and professional exterminator.