What Insecticide Kills Scorpions?


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Scorpions can be killed on contact with either Cy-Kick CS, Invader aerosol or CB 80, fogging Insecticide with pyrethrum. Residual killing of scorpions with dust can be done with Demon WP, Drione Dust, or Talstar. Eco-friendly alternatives include Diatomaceous earth or Boric Acid.

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Since scorpions are members of the arachnid family, most insecticides that work on spiders, ticks, and mites also work on scorpions. These insecticides can reduce the amount of insects that scorpions feed upon.

Scorpions are found in warmer regions and prefer drier climates. They hide in debris and clutter; therefore, keeping areas clean inside and outside the home is one way to deter scorpions.

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