How Do You Get Ink Out of White Clothes?


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According to Good Housekeeping Magazine, an ink stain can be removed from white clothing by first sponging the stain with a dry cleaning solvent, followed by a thorough water rinse. Next, sponge the stain with rubbing alcohol and allow the garment to air dry. If the stain persists, pre-treat it with laundry detergent and allow the garment to stand overnight.

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Once the detergent has set into the stain, rinse the garment thoroughly. Apply a pre-wash stain remover to the ink spot, and launder the garment in hot water. Fresh ink stains can be treated immediately by applying alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel directly to the stain and allowing it to sit for 10 minutes. After the gel sets, wash the garment in hot water.

Additional household products that work well to remove ink stains include hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, nail polish remover, acetone and hairspray. However, nail polish remover and acetone can damage some fabrics, so it is important to conduct spot tests before fully treating the garments. Water-based ink stains are typically easier to remove than permanent ink stains or ballpoint pen leaks. It is always a good idea to consult with a professional dry cleaner for ink stains on silk, wool or linen fabrics.

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