How Do You Get Ink Off a Leather Purse?

To remove an ink stain from a leather purse, determine the type of leather, clean the stain and let it air dry. If the leather is finished leather, use rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. If the leather is naked leather, take the purse to a professional cleaner.

  1. Determine the type of leather

    Determine whether your purse is made of finished leather or naked leather. Add a drop of water to the leather. If the water rolls off, it's finished leather. If the water soaks in, it's naked leather. Finished leather contains a top layer or coating that protects the leather from moisture. Naked leather, also called pure aniline leather, has no protective coating and is more absorbent. If the purse is made of naked leather, the ink is more difficult to remove. Take the naked leather purse to a professional cleaner.

  2. Clean the leather

    If your purse is made of finished leather, clean the leather yourself using cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. Apply the alcohol to a cotton ball, and gently rub the stain. Once you see ink coming off onto the cotton ball, use a new cotton ball to prevent re-staining the purse. Keep the work area small so the ink doesn't spread beyond the stain.

  3. Allow the purse to air dry

    Leave the purse out to air dry for a day. When it's dry, see if the ink stain is gone. If not, try cleaning the purse again gently, or take the purse to a professional cleaner.

  4. Apply leather conditioner

    Once the stain is removed and the purse is dry, apply leather conditioner to the purse to return moisture to the leather and to keep it smooth.