What Are Some of the Ingredients in Suspend SC?


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The active ingredient in Suspend SC is a 4.5 percent concentration of the insecticide deltamethrin. Bayer does not list the inactive ingredients of Suspend SC on the product labeling.

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Suspend SC is a pesticide produced by Bayer. It is intended for use by pest control professionals, and its labeling states that it is not for home users. Suspend SC is effective against ants, fleas, gnats, bedbugs and other insects. The usage instructions provide dilution instructions for different pests; the amount of Suspend SC required varies depending on the type of insect.

Fleas, centipedes and millipedes are insects that die at the lowest concentrations of Suspend SC. Bees, cockroaches, hornets and scorpions require a higher concentration, and termites and carpenter ants require the highest insecticide concentration. Concentrations exceeding the maximum dilution directions on the label are not safe and should not be used.

Suspend SC is harmful to humans and pets if inhaled. Anyone who inhales vapor or mist from the insecticide should seek medical attention. It is extremely dangerous for fish and invertebrates, and cannot be disposed of in storm drains or bodies of water. Bayer cautions against applying Suspend SC when rain is expected in the following 24 hours.

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