What Are Some of the Ingredients in Dawn Detergent?

Some of the ingredients in Dawn Ultra concentrated dishwashing liquid include methylisothiazolinone, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. It also contains water, alcohol, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride. Proctor and Gamble makes several different versions of Dawn detergent and includes a copy of the ingredients of each formula on its product safety and compliance pages.

Methylisothiazolinone is an ingredient in many household products and cosmetics. There is some concern about it causing sensitization and contact dermatitis in some users. In high concentrations, it is toxic to aquatic life.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a foaming agent used in many household products, shampoos and cosmetics. It is also in shower gels and facial cleansers. It raises some concern about its impact on the environment. It also has a toxic effect on aquatic life.

Sodium laureth sulfate is an inexpensive surfactant and detergent manufacturers use in personal care products. This foaming product has an emulsifying property. It is a common ingredient in toothpaste. While there has been some concern over the carcinogenic potential for this ingredient, as of 2015, research indicates it does not react with genetic materials in the body.

Proctor and Gamble adds water to Dawn to dilute it to the correct concentration. Dawn Ultra is more concentrated and contains less water than the original Dawn detergent.