What Ingredients Can Help Expedite Paint Drying?


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Some ingredients that expedite paint drying include a drying medium, alkyd, thinner and oil. Many commercial products are available to lessen the drying time of oil-based paints, but since acrylics and latex paints are already considered fast-drying, a fan is preferable to a mix-in when using these products.

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What Ingredients Can Help Expedite Paint Drying?
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For an outdoor oil-based paint project, Japan Drier is a good fast-drying ingredient available for purchase at most hardware stores. To use this product, the painter should stir in 2 ounces of Japan Drier per gallon of paint. This dries paint faster even during periods of cool weather or high humidity.

For an indoor art project, an alkyd medium or paint thinner is ideal, since thinner paint produces faster drying times. Turpentine makes a good paint thinner, but carries health risks. Linseed-flax oil is a turpentine alternative, but one that does not work on all oil paints. Dryers made from lead, cobalt, manganese and iron are also available for purchase.

Painters should follow the instructions carefully for these products. Home mixes of alcohol, antifreeze or ammonia are dangerous and not proven to decrease drying times. Any product used incorrectly may harm the paint quality and carries a risk of illness or injury.

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