What Are Some Infrared Heaters With Good Reviews?


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Some of the best reviewed infrared heaters are made by Honeywell. Both the HZ-980 and the HZ-7300 are highly recommended by the New York Times and Bestcovery.com. Popular standalone units are a growing trend in home heaters across the industry.

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An advantage of infrared heaters is that the heating chambers are located far inside the unit, making the exterior safe to touch but still emitting enough heat to warm small and large interiors.

The HZ-980 is designed to heat large rooms. In a test comparing it to another similar heater made by another company, the Honeywell heater put out heat faster than its associate. The heater is operated by remote control and its 1500-watt system is reported to operate at a greater efficiency than other heaters of its type. For smaller spaces, the HZ-7300 has a similar reputation to the HZ-980; its efficiency is greater than that of its counterparts and the controls include a meter that gauges its overall energy usage. Both heaters do have drawbacks; the heaters are louder than other makes, and the HZ-7300 tends to be noisier as it gets older, according to Consumer Search.

Infrared heaters are one of the steadily rising trends in mobile heaters, notes the New York Times.

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