What Information Is Typically Found in a Chainsaw Manual?


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Stihl chainsaw manuals include safety precautions, operating techniques and maintenance of high-wear components of the saw. Echo publishes chainsaw manuals with the same information plus a separate safety manual and parts catalogue for each saw.

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A chainsaw manual generally suggests that users wear proper personal protective equipment, including cut-resistant leg chaps, a hard hat, hearing protection, eye protection and gloves. It also describes the proper function and use of the chain brake. Guidelines typically describe kickback, a hazardous and unpredictable force that occurs when the nose of the guide bar contacts a solid surface, causing the running saw to rotate up and back towards the operator. Other safety topics include proper fueling and installation of the guide bar and chain.

Typically, a chainsaw manual states that users should always brace saws on the ground when starting instead of using a drop-starting method. It also outlines proper methods for felling a tree with a chainsaw. Operators are instructed to establish a safe work site. Manuals provide diagrams of the different kinds of felling cuts including the conventional and open-face cut.

Chainsaw manuals outline basic maintenance and repair procedures. Extensive or complex repairs should be conducted by an authorized repair technician. Basic maintenance topics include maintaining a sharp chain and straight bar, cleaning the air filter and adjusting the carburetor. Manuals also describe the procedures for replacing the spark plug, starter cord and chain sprocket.

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