What Information Should Painter Estimate Forms Include?


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A painter estimate form should include the materials to be used for the work, the labor hours and time, and the expected overhead and profit. As many details as possible should be listed on the estimate so the homeowner knows what to expect.

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The labor section not only includes the cost of labor hours for the painting project, but it also shows the homeowner or business owner how long the project should take and the difficulty of the project. Information should include the number of employees needed to work on the painting project, the size of the area to be painted and the average amount of time per square foot or per room. Also required are details about how long each coat of paint takes to dry, how many coats are needed, what prep time is needed and whether permits are required.

The estimate also includes the type of paint and tools to be used, how many cans of paint are needed, and what other material costs are involved in the painting project. If the homeowner wants a specific brand of paint, it is easier to come up with an accurate estimate. A form for painting estimates also includes overhead costs, though the details of the overhead costs don’t need to be listed.

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