What Information Should Go on Labels for Electrical Panels?


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There are several types of labels used on an electrical panel, including warning labels, what each breaker goes to, voltage amounts and service warnings. These labels assist in safety and making sure that power is cut to the correct areas for repair or maintenance. Knowing the electricity level is a key element of safety precautions.

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Each breaker in a breaker box correlates with a specific room or outlet. It is very hard to match everything up to the room because more than one breaker may operate the outlets in a room. It is recommended that they be labeled by item. Labels for hot water heater, washer, dryer and heat pump are more accurate than a utility room label. There will be some sections that get general headings because there are no large appliances in the room to use as labels or because one breaker works the entire room. If a breaker is labeled as one item but turns off multiple areas, there could be an issue with incorrectly installed wiring.

Voltage labels and fault labels are good for anyone who does repairs on the system. They help ensure repairs are done correctly and that there are no shorts or damage from incorrect information. These are more common in industrial settings because of the high voltage involved in running large equipment found in factories and the like.

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