What Information Is on an SAE Thread Chart?


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SAE thread charts show screw size, SAE thread and dash size and drill diameter. Some diagrams are more detailed than others, and include information such as tube OD, hose ID and a range of threads from copper nylon to compression. In some cases, the diagrams are divided into two sections: course thread and fine thread and give separate information on each. Other diagrams include both thread types on the same diagram.

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Many charts give the information in metric measurements, but if the chart is produced by an American retailer, it usually includes both metric and American. Some thread diagrams also give further details such as the history of the threads, the different types of threads or the recommended uses for each thread and size.

British threads are often found on SAE thread charts, but not always. These threads include taper and parallel threads, both of which have a 55-degree angle. Thread charts also incorporate Japanese threads, which come in tapered and parallel forms as well.

Some SAE thread charts include supplementary diagrams and instructions that help non-expert users to identify the correct screw or drill, and to understand how to use the proper tools. Other charts simply show the SAE thread type and how it relates to the drill sizes and dash size.

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