What Information Is Provided in a Uniform Plumbing Code Book?


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The information found in a Uniform Plumbing Code book includes the protection of piping, structures and materials. It also deals with the building of drainage and sewer pipes and the prevention of corrosion and mechanical damage to the plumbing system.

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The information also includes which materials to be used and how to protect them from freezing. Other subjects covered in the Uniform Plumbing Code deal with how to secure fixtures, pressure tests and water consumption. It also deals with waste outlets for tubs, showers and whirlpool bathtubs, backflow protection and the linings for showers and shower floors. The separate controls for hot and cold water are also covered in a Uniform Plumbing Code.

Other topics include permits, inspections of chimneys and vents, inspection and the requirements of water heaters. The types of gases that can be used in gas lines in the area are also covered, as are seismic provisions and ground support. Cast-iron fittings, copper and copper alloy pipes, tubes and joints are also covered, as are CPVC plastic and PEX pipes and joints. The lead content in pipes is also discussed.

The Uniform Plumbing Code also details the design and installation of sprinkler systems, the size of drainage pipes and the number of fixtures that are allowed. The building of sewers and sumps is also covered.

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