What Information Is Provided in Tempstar Furnace Manuals?


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Tempstart furnace manuals provide information including how to install furnaces, how to install optional equipment, how to change furnace functions and safety advice. Safety is emphasized in Tempest manuals because each step of installation or use needs to be done correctly to avoid danger.

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Installation instructions differ for each furnace model. To install a furnace, the first step is to determine the position of the furnace. Install a multi-position furnace in a horizontal position in an attic or basement or suspend it from a ceiling in a basement or utility room. Install certain multi-position furnaces in a downflow configuration, but make sure to maintain the minimal clearances to allow clean combustion. The position of the furnace determines the installation instructions and safety regulations.

Next, install the gas vent in compliance with local code. Assemble the furnace according to various instructions of each furnace model and optionally install additional equipment such as a humidifier or electronic air cleaner. All equipment installation must comply with local code for safety. Once installed, change furnace controls to make the cycle more comfortable if desired. Change the fan to blow in continuous mode or select heating or cooling air, if needed.

All installation steps and configurations have safety warnings associated with them because incorrect handling can result in fire and electrical shock. The various safety warnings include the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, water leakage, cut hazards, fire hazards and electrical shock.

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