What Information Is on an MTD Riding Mower Diagram?


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The main MTD riding mower diagram outlines the controls and features, including the throttle/choke lever, speed control and parking brake lever, ignition switch module, the ammeter and the clutch/brake pedal, all of which are on the front of the machine. On the back, it shows the shift lever, the PTO or blade engager lever, and the deck lift lever. This diagram's view is from the top down. Throughout the manual, other diagrams focus on specific parts of the machine.

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The dash diagram shows the position of the mower's on/off button, the light button and the start button. It also shows the position of the lever that controls the headlights, and a control that shows whether the mower is stopped, going forward or reversing.

Detailed diagrams of the engine, wheel assembly, the mower deck and the driver's compartment are also posted to assist with maintenance and repairs. For example, the manual has a detailed drawing of the deck belt assembly. It shows the path of the belt, the washer screws holding the belt covers in place, the idler pulley, the belt guard and the spindle pulley.

Diagrams are also available that show all of the mower's parts. These are expanded diagrams, showing the parts disassembled but in the order they fit on the machine. The parts are numbered and correspond with charts, making it easy to find and buy replacement parts.

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