What Information Is on a Lee Bullet Mold Chart?


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A Lee bullet mold chart includes information about each mold, including the ballistic coefficient, the mold number code and the shape of the point. The chart also includes the product number and the type of gun for which each bullet mold is designed. Each mold is accompanied by a photo.

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Each mold comes with a specific number code, which communicates crucial information about the design. Lee number codes feature three parts, each separated by a hyphen. The gun type appears above each group of molds.

The first section of the number code represents the diameter of the mold. If the number is preceded by a letter, it indicates the type of gas check. The middle section represents the weight in grains, and the third section communicates the point shape of the mold. Lee bullet mold charts cover six different point shapes: wad cutter, semi wad cutter, round with flat, 1 ogive radius, 2 ogive radius and truncated cone.

Lee publishes bullet mold charts for double-cavity and six-cavity designs, as of August 2015, though both charts contain the same information. Each chart features two part-number rows, one for each cavity type. If a mold is available in the specified type, a part number appears in the corresponding row.

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