What Is Some Information in the IRobot Manual?


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Safety and robot care information, along with setup and basic operating instructions are some topics covered in the iRobot manual. The manual also diagrams the anatomy of the particular model of iRobot, from both the top and bottom perspectives, identifying key pieces of the hardware, including the bin release button, the battery indicator and the floor tracking sensor. Benefits of downloading the iRobot HOME app and iRobot Customer Care contact information is also in the manual.

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Other useful information found in the iRobot manual is a chart that outlines what to do if the machine has a problem. The chart lists the error messages, including the audio spoken by the robot when it encounters a problem, the likely cause for why the error message occurred and what to do when the error occurs. This section of the manual also explains how to have the iRobot repeat the error message and how to reboot the robot if a problem persists.

Additionally, the manual informs the buyer about the proper methods of battery charging, as well as outlining how the iRobot cleans the home. It provides visuals that show how the machine navigates, handles obstacles and spot cleans. Tips for optimizing the robot’s performance are also provided in the manual.

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