What Information Is Included in a Hoover Steamvac Manual?

What Information Is Included in a Hoover Steamvac Manual?

A Hoover Steamvac manual contains important safety, assembly, cleaning and usage instructions for the device. It provides instructions on how to use the tools as well as details on maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting, warranty information and associated cleaning products.

The safety section contains the precautions for avoiding risk of fire, injury and electric shock. It also details the grounding instructions. The cleaner assembly section provides a summary of all the available tools and explains how to attach them.

The usage section provides a listing of all the components of the cleaner. It also provides instructions for transporting and carrying the cleaner and details on how to use the clean water solution tank and dirty water tank. The cleaning section of the manual provides detailed steps on cleaning carpets, upholstery and flooring with the Hoover Steamvac.

The maintenance section provides information on cleaning the nozzle and the machine. It also provides important information regarding the storage and lubrication of the machine. If any component of the machine does not work as expected, refer the troubleshooting section, which lists the most common problems along with possible causes and solutions.

The cleaning products section lists all the Hoover products available for use with the Hoover Steamvac model.