What Information Is Included on a Cleaning Contract Template?

What Information Is Included on a Cleaning Contract Template?

A cleaning contract template lists the date and the names of the client and cleaning company. The second section of the contract notes the services to be provided.

For example, in a contract to clean a commercial office, services can include offices and hall cleaning, bathroom, cabinet and interior glass, kitchen units and dusting. Additionally, the contract template can list trash removal, vacuuming, spot cleaning and cobweb removal.

The third section of the contract template specifies who provides the cleaning materials, the client or the cleaning company. It should list the materials, which can include floor cleaning products, soaps, disinfectants and other chemical cleaners required that are deemed safe for use. The contract template notes that the cleaning company should not use any hazardous materials or store them on the premises.

The contract template also includes a termination clause in which the client or company can terminate the agreement with or without cause, not less than a specified number of days agreed upon and listed. It should include a non-discrimination clause that precludes the contractor from discriminating against an employee, worker or applicant for employment on the basis of race, age, sex, color, national origin, marital status or disability. The cleaning contract template also lists prohibited conduct, such as using the office equipment, disturbing papers or bringing visitors into the building.

Finally, the template lists the reasonable expectation that the person supplying the cleaning services is qualified and capable of performing the services listed. The last clause states that the agreement is governed by the law of whatever state is applicable as well as the county. Both parties should sign and date the agreement.